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This email is to inform you of the death of Patrick Henry Harbin on March 16 2009 at 11:08 pm. I am Pat’s son in law and I am trying to notify all his fellow veterans of the loss. I basically went through his contacts and checked the names I didn’t recognize. I am trying to honor Pats military service the best I can. As some of you may know, Pat was bitter for a very long time as some of you may have been. He came to terms with his service and with the birth of his grandson Jonathon, he actually began to try and recover his medals and service ribbons along with revitalizing the friendships of his fellow warriors.

I am making shadow boxes for the family and have the help of his nephew Sgt Chuck Gibson 11th Calvary, as well as his DD214. If there are things I need to place in the boxes that you guys may know of that outsiders may not, please let me know. I want him to recieve the honor that he and all veterans deserve. I have purchased the ASA challenge coin from Vern but please let me know of any other significant memorabilia I should find. We should be able to locate his missing ribbons and medals locally but I will let you know if I can’t.

Also, I am keeping up this email address so that any of his fellow veterans can contact the family with any news or comments.

Thank you for being a friend to Pat and thank you for your faithful service to our country!

On behalf of PAT HARBIN,

Joshua B Holcombe


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