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I do not have very much information about Sgt Estes.  I ran into him at Fort Gordon and that was when I found out that he had replaced me at the 409th.  He made E6 for taking the job.  Estes was a large individual and still can not picture him in a APC.  He came to Ft Gordon as an E7 and taught in the Communications Specialist school. That is all I can remember except that it was in the summer of 69 that he arrived in the 409th.  Not too long after the tty repairman fell into the barbwire and got all cut up.  I remember the fourth of July and how the 11ACR celebrated it.  That convinced me that the fear of the 11ACR held by the VC was well founded.  Who would want to fight someone whose idea of celebration is to shoot M79’s at each other.

John Bacon

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