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I remember when you came back from your brother’s funeral (I was the sig
maint guy out at An Loc).  You were indeed a very different person than the
one that left.  All these years I’ve remembered it, and wondered what the
story was.

Unfortunately your treatment in the states wasn’t particularly unique.  I
know of many others that were treated as bad or worse.  When I returned from
Vietnam I was walking through the Philadelphia airport and was called a baby
killer in front of a large group of people.  At first I thought that I had
heard her wrong, but I hadn’t.

My own opinion on Vietnam for years and years has been that it was just one
battle in the cold war.  We lost the battle, but made the price so high that
they failed later, and we subsequently won the war.  To quote one of the
Mexican officers after the battle of the Alamo, “We can’t take many more
victories like this.”

Take care John,

Don Collins

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