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Please contact the site admin when you register so that you can be assigned to the appropriate user group. The easiest way to do this is to add a profile picture to your account. This is one of our efforts to prevent spam. Thank you!!

When we redid the website, there were some changes made that many of you may have noticed.

1. Guestbook

We are no longer using a guestbook for the 409th website. All entries from the old guestbook have been posted on the forum, which is what we hope you will use from now on to talk to one another. We do ask that you register for the site in order to leave a message there. This was done in an attempt to reduce the amount of spam that is left on the site. Personal information provided when registering will not be sold or given away except as legally required. We want to make sure that we have real people who actually read the content leaving messages here.

2. Albums

The photos that were posted on the old site have been moved here with the rest of the content. We hope the layout and navigation make it a pleasant and easy visit to see the pictures that everyone has contributed.

3. New/Renamed Sections

  •  Com Shack

This section contains messages specifically about or for a certain person. They were posted on their own pages on the old site and are now on different pages listed in the Com Shack.

  •  Lost Troopers

This section contains the names of troopers who have been, we hope, temporarily misplaced.  The hope is that they (or someone who knows them) will find their name on the list and let us know that they’re still lurking around after all.

  •  Roster

This section gives current contact information for those members who have given permission for that information to be posted. I hope that, as we move to a membership-driven site, this type of page can go away with members being able to look at/through profiles to contact the people they are trying to find.

  • .– .- .-.. .-..

Got Morse Code? Our Wall shows the troopers who were lost in Vietnam. The memorial pages from the old site were moved to this section on the new site.

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